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40% of families say they want a Virtual schooling option


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Find out how to balance multiple programs and create an inter-connected symbiotic school
where students are safe, engaged, and making progress.


With your own unique VBI Educational model, you can serve your kids in ways you've only imagined.

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Why risk losing your students to other virtual schools or to homeschool?

You've already begun the work by implementing #RemoteLearning.

Now families and students are considering their educational options.

And you are looking for solutions to maximize your facilities' use and provide flexibility.

Creating your very own long-term Virtual and Blended programs takes care of your students' needs, keeps your families enrolled in your school, and helps you make optimal use of your resources.

All while ensuring students continue to learn and make progress.

Get out of the reactive mode and be proactive with VBI Education.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.

-Albert Einstein

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Provide students with the flexibility to learn from anywhere that has a wifi connection.

Create your very own high-quality virtual learning program to meet the needs of your students and families.


Blended programs provide in-person support and virtual learning flexibility for students with more intensive academic, behavioral, or social-emotional needs.

Develop your own alternating student schedules and provide a modern schooling approach while maximizing your use of facilities.


Accelerate academic growth with students who need intensive instruction and support.

Restructure your in-person instructional program to take advantage of smaller in-person class sizes and stronger interpersonal connections.

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What is VBI Education?

The VBI Education model helps you set up a Virtual and Blended program in addition to your regular In-Person educational program so that you can meet the changing needs of today's learners.

Setting up a VBI program isn't all that difficult when you make key program planning decisions before getting started. Check out the eight program planning areas for more information.