It's All About the Mission

Creating flexible learning programs because kids need them.

The World is Changing

Families are now interested in Virtual and Blended learning options and though some of them may return to traditional In-Person programs when the pandemic is over, many will not.

Now that they know there are options they will ask for options.

If all of our schools begin offering Virtual, Blended, and In-Person options for all of their students through a 3-pronged, differentiated approach, then our families might just stay enrolled and not go looking for other options.

If we design quality, student-centered programs that are robust and nurture the joy in learning, we can create the future of education.

Join VBI Education in creating the future.

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Dr. Sara Baker

VBI Education Founder and CEO

Positive Trajectory

I've spent my professional career trying to help the neediest kids, the ones pushed to the side, overlooked and forgotten.

Right now, every day, we have kids who need other options.

They are gifted kids. They are kids with anxiety. They are kids who have been bullied. They are kids struggling with physical and mental health needs.

They are kids who need something different.

By creating your own in-house educational programs like virtual or blended programs, you can help kids who need something different and keep them with you, where the educators in your school can help them change the trajectory of their lives.

Kids often join virtual schools as a last resort.

They've tried everything else and, for whatever reason, it didn't work.

Don't let kids feel like they have no other option, nowhere to go. See them and their value and build them a quality option that works.

Figure out what they need and use every tool you have to set their lives on a positive trajectory.

Even if it means building them a new program.

You can do this. You can make a difference.

Why Do We Need VBI?

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One size does not fit all

When I was a teacher, the first thing I learned was that my students did not all learn the same way. I had to find different approaches to teach so that they were truly learning.

It is not "educating" if we teach and not everyone learns.

It is only education if the students are learning.



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The secret to teaching

The secret to education is figuring out the different ways that students learn based on their unique needs...

and then creating an educational program that provides a variety of ways to learn.

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Students at the Center

The purpose of education is to ensure that students learn so they can be thoughtful, contributing members of our communities.

Because learning is about the student, we must place the student at the center of our process to design educational programs.

Let's work together

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