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What is VBI?

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The VBI model provides three program options: Virtual, Blended, and In-Person.

Schools simply create a virtual program, a blended program, and an in-person program and then work together with their students and families to determine which program will best serve a students needs.

The complete spectrum of VBI can be provided by any type of educational program:  a public independent school district, a charter school, a private school, or even a higher education provider.

VBI Education serves students by developing program options with personalized support systems that fit the needs of each student.

No more, one-size-fits-all. The pandemic taught us that schools can innovate at the drop of a dime if they have to, but wouldn't it be better if that innovation happened by choice?

Choose to Innovate. Make VBI Education happen for your school.


A Virtual school program option provides location and pacing flexibility because the student can engage in instruction anywhere there is a wifi connection and is able to complete assignments without the limitations of traditional 50 minute class periods.

Virtual programs will best serve those who are more independent learners, those who are dependent learners but have strong support at home, those who have outside school interests such as artistic or professional sports training, or even those with anxiety or health issues who are not comfortable in packed-school buildings.


A Blended school program option provides some location flexibility but requires that students attend on-campus some of the time.

Blended options will serve students who need some in-person instruction, those who depend upon the school for special interest activities such as sports, fine arts, or clubs, or even those who enjoy the flexibility of remote learning but also prefer social interaction with adults and peers at school.

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A full-time In-Person educational program option requires that students attend on-campus every day, for the entire school day.

The In-Person option will help to serve students who enjoy being present at school each day, those whose parents are not at home during the day, those who depend upon the school for meals, or even those who need intensive hands-on instructional support from a teacher all day, every day.

In-Person programs that are part of a complete VBI model utilize the in-person time with students to provide small group and 1-on-1 instruction to help remediate or accelerate students who have learning gaps.

Creating your post-pandemic VBI Model is not as difficult as you might think.


It’s new and unfamiliar, but it’s within reach.


It’s simply a matter of taking what we know about how our schools can facilitate learning and organizing those instructional methodologies into a cohesive Virtual, Blended, and In-person, or VBI, educational model.

How VBI Works

You create three distinct, yet interconnected, programs for your school. Each program in VBI uses a combination of instructional delivery models to make sure your students are learning.

VBI Model Instructional Delivery

A Program for Every Student Need

Families and school staff plan together to determine the best program for each student. How much support a student needs is at the crux of every program decision. Academic needs, behavioral needs, social-emotional needs and a student's interests are all considered in order to determine the best option for each student.

VBI School Models Planning Matrix v3(1)

School and Home Partnerships

VBI program consideration for each student also takes into account the types of support a student needs and where those supports are best provided. For some students, a full-day in-person program will be the best option, but for others a blended program or completely virtual program will better meet the needs of the student and family.

VBI School Models Support Levels v1(2)

The Next Steps...

Let's Create the Future of Education

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